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We know the work doesn’t end after we’ve installed a fire prevention system in a facility. Geyer Fire is dedicated to providing long-term maintenance to all of our clients, including preventative maintenance and regular service repairs like freeze up, leaks, and more. Our experienced technicians have the tools and in-depth knowledge needed to provide excellent maintenance services.

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Proactively Protecting Your Property -Our Fire System and Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

We want to take proactive steps in protecting your facility rather than waiting for a problem to arise. Here at Geyer Fire, we practice consistent preventative maintenance – inspecting and testing your fire prevention systems to ensure all parts are working properly. If we find something that could potentially be an issue, we will alert you immediately and develop a practical solution. We practice preventative fire system and fire extinguisher maintenance so you can be confident that your facility is fully prepared well ahead of a crisis.

Fire Sprinkler System Regular and Emergency Service Maintenance

Our team is able to service freeze ups, leaks, and any other repairs needed on your fire protection system.

Freeze Ups

Freeze ups take place when your system is exposed to cold temperatures, which can create a serious obstacle to your facility’s sprinkler system.


Leaks in your fire system can be credited to a variety of causes:

  • Equipment failure
  • Corrosion
  • Damaged sprinkler heads & pipes.

Our technicians are equipped to service freeze-ups, leaks, and other fire protection system failures. Give us a call today for a consultation regarding necessary fire sprinkler system repairs in Indianapolis, IN.

Fire sprinkler system routine maintenance and testing provider in Indianapolis IN

Why Choose Us?

Geyer Fire ensures prompt delivery of final deliverables, strict adherence to the designated schedule, and strict adherence to safety requirements. Our in-house safety program results in favorable EMR and less risk to the contractor and owner.

By teaming up with Geyer Fire, you’ll receive the industry expertise and regulatory education you need to secure the safety of your staff and all other individuals involved with the project.

    We Are:

  • Led by strong management team resulting in efficient team that schedules appropriately, understands the scope and completes the requirements
  • Able to service new installations, retrofit, and tenant build-out of all types of fire sprinklers and fire pumps
  • Proficient in BIM and 3D design build
  • Familiar with state and city design release requirements and submittal to authorities
  • A Contractor liaison with Fire AHJ ​
  • Composed team members with strong technical backgrounds in fire protection

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