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Fire Sprinkler System Testing and Inspection - Indianapolis IN

Sufficiently serving our clients is our utmost priority. No two customers are the same, and we are excited to join your team and tailor our services to fit your unique needs.

We specialize in partnering with general contractors, facility managers, and procurement officers. Our technicians will work discretely and efficiently around your busy schedule.

Geyer Fire wants to partner with you to strengthen and perfect your fire protection and fire sprinkler system. We’ll proactively protect your property while providing quick and easy service, customizable plans, and open lines of communication. It’s not about us here at Geyer Fire – it’s all about the customer.

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Facility Managers

Geyer Fire partners with facility managers in order to implement successful fire system inspection, testing, installation, and maintenance. We provide the following services for facility managers:

Fire sprinkler system inspections, testing, maintenance and repair
• Service repair such as freeze ups, leaks or any issue with system
• Uploading of required maintenance reports to proper authorities
• Fire pump installation, testing and maintenance
• PIV and hydrant testing
Backflow testing
• Fire extinguisher inspections and recharges
• Fire alarm inspections, repairs and testing
• Familiar with local Fire AHJ requirements
• Address our customers insurance requirements

Our technicians have years of industry experience and are able to make sure your fire system is compliant with insurance providers, regulatory requirements, and local building and fire codes. Allow Geyer Fire to strengthen and enhance your facility’s fire prevention system.

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Procurement Officers

We are pleased to have years of experience partnering with procurement officers throughout the state of Indiana. Our highly trained technicians work with you to implement protective fire safety methods throughout your facility. We work around your schedule and are happy to accommodate your needs. Our staff is able to educate you regarding regional and national fire regulation policies, and we’ll help you create and maintain an effective system of fire prevention through fire system inspection, installation, testing, and maintenance.

General Contractors

Construction sites are not exempt to fire risks, and taking the necessary steps to prevent fires and fire-related injuries on construction job sites is imperative.

Geyer Fire teams up with the project architects, contractor, owner, and insurance reviewers for proper internal submittals. We minimize risk to the general contractor by staying on track with schedule and budget, and we maintain a professional and responsive level of communication with all members of the team. Our hands-on management allows for quick responses to address coordination or other issues that may arise throughout the project​.

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Why Choose Us?

Geyer Fire ensures prompt delivery of final deliverables, strict adherence to the designated schedule, and strict adherence to safety requirements. Our in-house safety program results in favorable EMR and less risk to the contractor and owner.

By teaming up with Geyer Fire, you’ll receive the industry expertise and regulatory education you need to secure the safety of your staff and all other individuals involved with the project.

    We Are:

  • Led by strong management team resulting in efficient team that schedules appropriately, understands the scope and completes the requirements
  • Able to service new installations, retrofit, and tenant build-out of all types of fire sprinklers and fire pumps
  • Proficient in BIM and 3D design build
  • Familiar with state and city design release requirements and submittal to authorities
  • A Contractor liaison with Fire AHJ ​
  • Composed team members with strong technical backgrounds in fire protection

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