Fire Sprinkler System Testing in Indianapolis, Indiana

We want to partner with your business to implement successful testing of fire prevention systems. Geyer Fire can test a variety of fire prevention mechanisms, including:

  • PIV hydrants
  • Backflow prevention devices
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Fire pumps and more

Our qualified team is able to:

  • Test your system
  • Give you a detailed report
  • Specify the improvements that your current system requires

We know your place of business has a busy schedule, which is why we provide quick, easy, and flexible services. Our technicians will work around your schedule because we believe that our client’s needs come before all else.

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You’re Not Just a Number to Us

Here at Geyer Fire, we offer customizable plans and even provide financing. Why? Because we value each customer – you’re not just a number to us! We want to partner with you to protect your building and staff from the threat of fires while minimizing potential financial loss. Trust Geyer Fire with your fire sprinkler system testing.

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Why Choose Us?

Geyer Fire ensures prompt delivery of final deliverables, strict adherence to the designated schedule, and strict adherence to safety requirements. Our in-house safety program results in favorable EMR and less risk to the contractor and owner.

By teaming up with Geyer Fire, you’ll receive the industry expertise and regulatory education you need to secure the safety of your staff and all other individuals involved with the project.

    We Are:

  • Led by strong management team resulting in efficient team that schedules appropriately, understands the scope and completes the requirements
  • Able to service new installations, retrofit, and tenant build-out of all types of fire sprinklers and fire pumps
  • Proficient in BIM and 3D design build
  • Familiar with state and city design release requirements and submittal to authorities
  • A Contractor liaison with Fire AHJ ​
  • Composed team members with strong technical backgrounds in fire protection

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