Fire Alarm, Extinguisher, and Sprinkler Inspections in Indianapolis, Indiana

Here at Geyer Fire, we have a simple goal in mind: to protect your facility from the threat of fire and minimize financial loss with the installation and maintenance of fire sprinklers and other fire protection equipment. The first step in quality protection is thorough, comprehensive inspection of our clients’ fire protection systems.

We specialize in fire alarm, fire extinguisher, and fire sprinkler inspection in the Indianapolis area. Our technicians are highly educated and up-to-date regarding fire codes and regulations, and will ensure that your fire protection system meets all standards and requirements.

Allow our qualified technicians to proactively protect your property, securing the safety of your facility.

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Inspecting Your Fire Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler systems can widely vary, and each type of system needs to be inspected in a specific way. However, all fire sprinkler systems need to be inspected at least once a year, ensuring that all parts are running smoothly and efficiently.

Some sites or insurance carriers require that your system is inspected semiannually or quarterly, so it’s important to understand what regulations you need to fulfill. Fire sprinkler systems should also be inspected any time there is a change to the facility. The experts at Geyer Fire can carry out all necessary fire sprinkler inspections in your facility, assuring that your system meets regulatory requirements and local building and fire codes.

Fire sprinkler system routine maintenance and testing provider in Indianapolis IN
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Reducing Risk with Fire Alarm Inspection

Fire alarms reduce the risk of fatalities in a fire-related disaster by 50 percent. Ensuring that your fire alarms are working properly is crucial to the safety of your business and faculty. According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), your smoke detectors should be inspected and tested at least once monthly. Geyer Fire technicians are able to work around your busy schedule in order to ensure you always receive top-quality fire alarm inspection.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Fire extinguishers are an integral part of a facility’s fire prevention system, but simply having a few fire extinguishers isn’t enough to keep your business safe in the long-term. Many fire extinguishers become unusable if not properly inspected, maintained, and replaced when necessary.

Our technicians will thoroughly inspect each of your extinguishers and review your facility in order to match size, type, and placement of the necessary fire extinguishers so your building meets national fire protection standards. Your building should undergo thorough fire extinguisher inspection on an annual basis. Allow Geyer Fire to proactively protect your facility with successful fire extinguisher inspection.

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Why Choose Us?

Geyer Fire ensures prompt delivery of final deliverables, strict adherence to the designated schedule, and strict adherence to safety requirements. Our in-house safety program results in favorable EMR and less risk to the contractor and owner.

By teaming up with Geyer Fire, you’ll receive the industry expertise and regulatory education you need to secure the safety of your staff and all other individuals involved with the project.

    We Are:

  • Led by strong management team resulting in efficient team that schedules appropriately, understands the scope and completes the requirements
  • Able to service new installations, retrofit, and tenant build-out of all types of fire sprinklers and fire pumps
  • Proficient in BIM and 3D design build
  • Familiar with state and city design release requirements and submittal to authorities
  • A Contractor liaison with Fire AHJ ​
  • Composed team members with strong technical backgrounds in fire protection

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